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GEM script team commits to help you with some basic instructions.

If you are looking for a particular setting here, use Ctrl + F

Some simple steps for beginners...

1.  How to change own password in the site?

1.1 Open your

1.2 Add your own details for login "username" and "passowrd" in right side box.

1.3 After that use "slider right to unlock"

1.4 Choice the corret image.

1.5 When you login, click on second menu on button " Global " and "Account Settings".

1.6 Find text " Your Password "   

1.7 Add your " New Password " and "Repeat " it.
1.8 When you added the new password, click button " Change Password ".

2.  How to login to the Admin Panel?

1. Open your site.

2. Login in your site with username: admin.

3. When you login find in big horizontal menu text "ADMIN " where is your Admin Control Panel for the site.

3.  How to add Withdraw Options like: Paypal, Payza and ect...?

1. Open your site.

2. Login in your Admin Panel.

3. When you login in Admin Panel, from left side choice from vertically menu "Payout" => "Options"   

4. In central box name "Withdraw Options" choice from drop menu "Payment processor: " your payment like: Paypal.

4.1. add the desired settings like: Minimum, Fee, Premium Minimum and ect...

4.2 for Paypal choice "Verification Type: Email"

4.3. don't change "Mass Pay Structure" and "Deliminator".

4.  How to add Ads (PTC)?

1. Open your site.

2. Go to your Admin Panel, click button "ADMIN".

3. Click from left menu "Manage Ads" => "Paid To Click" => "Manage"

4. After that add your informations for ad in "New Link Ad"

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