Money Doesn't Buy Happiness But Don't Underestimate It's Value – Why You Should Get Rich

We all know the saying money doesn’t buy happiness, but in this video we explore why you should get rich and make sure you don’t underestimate it’s value. This video on Practical Inspiration will look at why money is important in our life, and why you should get rich in life.

While money doesn’t equal happiness, we will better understand why money is important in life, specifically why your relationship to money is important and why you should be financially secure. We focus in on money and mental health, so don’t worry, this isn’t a can money buy happiness speech or money cant buy happiness persuasive speech.

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The points covered will be:

1. Reduce Financial Worry
– The biggest and most obvious reason is that it will help you be freed from many financial stresses that a lot of people face in life
– This means when bills come, you can at least have the security and knowledge that you have the ability to be able to pay them
– It also means that should circumstances call for it, you have the financial capability in times of emergencies, whether it be an unexpected bill
– …or when faced with particularly challenging moments in life

2. Give Family Opportunities
– Often one of the biggest reasons people work to make money is to give opportunities for their family in life
– This might be to care for your loved ones, such as your wife or husband and give them a secure and comfortable life
– Or provide opportunities to your kids, such as being able to afford a higher quality education for them or offer them opportunities to test and try ideas and passions in their life
– Another huge benefit is that if there is a family emergency where you need to support another family member by giving or loaning money to them, you have the opportunity to do so

3. Support Worthy Causes
– Having money means you have the opportunity to do something of value to others, such as donating to a worthy cause
– This might be to feed or providing housing to the poor, or it might be something extremely personal to you and your past
– The point is, if you are passionate about pursuing a specific purpose, then money can help you go a long way to fulfilling that ambition
– Meaning that money isn’t for selfish gain, but of value to tens, hundreds, thousands or even millions of people

4. Create For Others
– The one thing money gives is opportunities, as all economies in the world are run using money and therefore with it you can afford to embark on ventures
– With capital, you can build businesses and technology that enrich and improve the quality of life of others
– This is through employment or products, that help and improve operations others undertake
– Which in turn not only helps them earn their income, but also helps to make for a more healthy economy

5. Control Your Time
– With money you have less pressure to earn an income to survive, whether it be for food, paying bills or supporting your family
– As you have money, you have the ability to take on controlled risks and breaks to try using your time towards another purpose
– This might be for numerous reasons, such as engaging in new passions, but the key is money offers you a level of freedom and control
– So remember, earning an good income isn’t a goal that people should overlook, as it allows you to live a life with opportunities to do what you choose to


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