How Double Opt-In Emails Help Your Business

How Double Opt-In Emails Help Your Business ✅Read about it here ➜

00:23 – What is the difference between single and double opt-in email lists?
01:03 – What are some pros and cons?
01:55 – How do I get people to double opt-in to my email?

Email marketing is one of the best ways to engage with visitors and turn them into subscribers and customers. But before they can read your emails, they have to subscribe, and that’s why there’s a debate over the best opt-in method.

The difference between double opt-in vs. single opt-in comes down to whether subscribers have to confirm signing up for your email list, or whether they’re signed up right after submitting their email addresses.

What is Single Opt-In?
This is when subscribers sign up via a subscription form and are immediately added to your email list. There is no need for further confirmation, and they’ll start getting your emails straight away.

What is Double Opt-In?
This is when subscribers sign up via your subscription form, then get an email with a link they have to click to confirm that they want to get emails from you. When double opt-in is enabled, subscribers must confirm, or they won’t get your emails.

One huge benefit of using double opt-in is that you have a more engaged list. Because subscribers have to confirm, you know that the people on your list really wanted to sign up. That should make them more responsive to your emails, and more likely to open and click. Since subscriber engagement is good for business, this is of huge importance.

Confirmed subscribers are less likely to report your emails as spam. Too many spam reports can really affect your sender reputation and hurt email deliverability.

Of course, there are disadvantages to double opt-in as well.

Double opt-in creates a longer sign-up process for subscribers. The more steps there are, the more likely it is that some people won’t complete them. Some subscribers will forget to click the confirmation link, which means they’ll never actually become subscribers. If you’re relying on your list to boost sales, then unconfirmed subscribers are costing you money.

Here are a few tips on how to improve your double opt-in rate:

Form submission – You have to incentivize email opt-ins for your visitor. Tell them about the value of whatever it is you want to send them. What do they get out of giving you access to their inbox?

Confirmation email – Once the forms are submitted, now it’s time to optimize the “nearly there” email. Since you are utilizing a double opt-in, you don’t want your reader to give up after that first email. The goal is to send them to your website for that double confirmation. In short, you should look at it as the second opportunity to convince your visitors why they need what you’re offering.

Thank you page – Thank your new subscriber! They were willing to take those extra steps for you, why not do the same for them? You can use the content from your “nearly there” email but change it up to show that the opt-in is now complete on your website. You can also go for a plain text approach as it will offer users a clutter-free approach.

Unsubscribe page – It happens, sometimes a subscriber no longer wants to receive your emails and that’s OK. Legally you need to give your readers an option to unsubscribe. A few ways to do that is to offer a One-click unsubscribe that gets right to the point. Maybe they don’t want to completely cut you off, you can give them the option to change how often they get your emails instead. Either way, make sure they know their voice was heard and confirm the change of their preference.

It’s getting harder and harder to reach people through email marketing. Not only is the competition higher, but email service providers are getting increasingly strict. Email opt-in incentives are definitely an effective tool, as you’ve learned in this detailed guide. There are many opportunities to fine tune your sequence and get more emails and, most importantly, more email revenues when done correctly.

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